1. This event will be of 1 round only.

  2.  Each participant will have to submit 3 photos.

  3. The photos must be in JPEG format (unedited) submitted on Google Drive.

  4. The theme will be revealed before the event.

  5. They will get 3-5 days for submission of entries.

  6. Judging Criteria: - Point of view, Lighting, Framing, Appeal



  1. This event will happen in 2 rounds ·

  2. 1st Round - Gif

  3. 2nd Round - Meme

  4. Participants must send their entries through Google Drive.

  5. Open theme.

  6. No offensive or vulgar material should be submitted.

  7. Any software/app is allowed - Judging Criteria- Originality, Humour, Creativity



  1. Will consist of 1 round.

  2. No offensive or vulgar content should be portrayed.

  3. Open Theme - Time Limit 15-30 Seconds.

  4. A filter or template will have to be used while making the reel.

  5. Participants will be informed 24 hours prior to submission (Sent via Google drive).

  6. The reel will have to be posted on their page tagging @siesvisions.

  7. They will have to post the reel at a specific time as mentioned by our team.

  8. Likes and views will also be a part of the judging criteria.

  9. Judging Criteria- Creativity, Content, Originality.



  1. Open theme.

  2. A short description of the short film must also be sent with the video.

  3. No offensive or vulgar scenes should be portrayed in the film.

  4. Time limit - 6 to 10 minutes.

  5. Participants will be informed of the date of submission 1 week prior.

  6. Credit scene should include all names of the team members along with their respective roles

  7. Any editing software can be used

  8. Visions logo will have to be attached in the end credits (logo will be provided by the team)

  9. Judging Criteria - Originality, Creativity, Plot, Cinematography

Illustration Art


  1. The illustration will be theme-based.

  2. The theme will be disclosed on the day.

  3.  Participants will have 5 hours to complete their illustrations.

  4. Any software can be used.

  5. The Illustration must be in JPEG or PNG format it must be submitted via Google drive

  6. Judging Criteria - Creativity, originality, Professional Quality



  1. Participants must report 1 hr prior to the event.

  2. The team must consist of 2 people.

  3. All the rules, regulations, and rounds will be explained prior to the event.

  4. There will be a time limit applicable to all the participant's Timers will be used for deciding the event.

  5. It is important for all participants to have a stable internet connection, any network or bandwidth issues faced is the sole responsibility of the participant.